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Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH




Word gets around about customer satisfaction and you will certainly be asked how you achieve your quality standards.

The quality of our work also becomes the standard of your work, because many parts make up a whole and quality is not just an empty phrase, but for us an unconditional quality orientation is the basis of our work.

For over 50 years we have been a supplier of motors and components for drive technology to well-known German and international manufacturers with the appropriate know-how:

  • Industrial and geared motors

  • Fans, blowers and fans

  • Compressors

  • Pumps and generators 

  • Compressed air and vacuum technology

  • Medical technology 

  • Wind turbine control motors

  • Roller shutter, blind and gate drives

Based on these experiences, the advice of GEKO & EISEMANN specialists in generator construction are in international demand. For difficult custom-made products, as well as for complicated BOS-compatible or military applications. The high demands placed here and the diverse problem solutions that GEKO engineers and technicians develop have a lasting impact on series developments.

Experience and knowledge, constructive ideas and practice-oriented research find their expression in a product range that is at the highest level and provides reliable service in everyday life.


From design to production, almost 200 employees achieve top performance that is recognized worldwide. Everything comes from a single source. State-of-the-art manufacturing, storage and communication technologies enable the rapid availability of all parts. Everything revolves around the topic of energy production. A field that has been specialized in for many years, so a lot of experience is available to the customer.

Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH produces components for electrical mechanical engineering, generators and power generation systems in two factories. Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH was founded in 1961. In the same year, the production of stamping and die-cast parts for the electrical industry began. Shortly afterwards, production of the entire IEC standard motor series and the development of complete problem solutions for electric motor construction began.

Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH


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Arlington, Va

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

Naperville, Illinois

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

Plano, Texas

Whatever you want to move, people will ask you where you get this quality from.

When something works smoothly, such as a garage door or a garden tool, you no longer think about why it does so, but it becomes an integral part of your everyday life.


Our customers and their customers have the same experience every day with the motors, rotors and components from the die-casting and stamping technology of our plants in Germany and Hungary.

It works smoothly and with the highest quality.

Above all, it works so well because we have managed to combine the expertise and efficiency of our sites in such a way that we can offer you an optimum price-performance ratio with high quality and flexible delivery times.

From design to series production - we guarantee it.

MG. There is always quality behind it.


Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH

Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH.
Gemmingen, Germany facility

Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH
Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH
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