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Power generators acc. to DIN14685-1

Reliable power stations for heavy duty use for fire fighters and administrations. Ideal for welding transformers, inverters, venting and aeration devices, pumps and electronical devices.

DIN/Fire department
Power Makers

The Yellow ones. Allow you to take care on the essentials.

Full enclosure, super silent variation

Compact and super sound protective design to result in extreme quiet performance.
Perfect fit for all purposes.

Partial enclosure, silent variation

New standard for sound reduced and compact build.
Great output in proportion to the price.

Maintenance-free alternators

Maintenance-free alternators that are approved in daily use.
The high protection class IP54 allows the power generator to be operated under all conditions with high humidity and heavy dirt load.


Alternators tested under toughest conditions without any interference-prone components.
Highest reliability in civil protection use.

Variospeed / Economic ECO

Load depending rotation speed to set new standards. Most of the time power generators are not operated under full load. Instead energy must be available immediately upon demand. The Variospeed technology reduces the rotation speed of the engine, if energy is required the rotation speed increases quickly. This reduces the fuel consumption, emmission, noise level and wear dramatically.