Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH produces components for the electrical machine construction, including generators and power generator systems, in two plants.


Power Makers

Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH was founded in 1961. In the same year, the production of stamped and cast parts for the electrical industry began. Shortly thereafter, the entire IEC standard motor series was manufactured, and complete problem solutions were developed for the construction of electric motors.


Nearly 300 employees achieve top performance from design to production, which is recognized worldwide. Everything comes from one source. State-of-the-art production, storage, and communication technologies enable the rapid availability of all parts. Everything revolves around the topic of energy generation, which is a field that the company has specialized in for many years, providing the customer with a wealth of experience.


Due to this experience, the advice of GEKO specialists in generator construction is in demand internationally, especially for difficult custom-made products and complicated military applications. The high demands placed here, the versatile problem solutions that GEKO engineers and technicians develop, have a sustainable impact on serial developments.

Experience and knowledge, constructive ideas, and practice-oriented research are expressed in a product range that stands at the highest level and provides reliable services in everyday life.

This is what we understand as quality.


We aim to convince and retain customers through first-class performance. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are the guarantee for sustainable business success.


We strive to offer products that fully meet our customers' requirements. Ensuring the quality of our products reduces internal costs and increases our business success. We aim to communicate errors openly and do everything we can to prevent recurring mistakes.


We aim to maintain and improve the qualification of our employees. Qualified employees are the foundation of a successful company.


We continuously analyze our internal processes to identify areas for improvement. Our employees are motivated to continuously improve the processes in their respective areas.

Quality by GEKO